Zines versus APAs pt.2

Or “You’ve got Zines in my APAs!”

Jeffrey Allan Boman
3 min readJun 25, 2022
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That’s just one way to make a zine. The word is part of ‘magazine’ after and Siegel and Shuster created a zine just to publish amateur SF after all.

I know three kids of zin

perzine — a personal zine. Usually done by one person, about one.

An example I know is Feline Musings. Reviews of plays seen, trips taken, books read, and more.

It’s also a Hybrid zine, which I’ll explain later.

genzine- a general zine. As the name suggests, this is wider in its field than others. So instead of, say, a zine about the works of Larry Niven, it would deal with ALL science fiction.

Sometimes, it takes on aspects of a perzine. Joe Major’s Alexiad, for instance: he’s a science fiction fan, and reviews SF books, but also histories, books on true espionage, science… he reads more in a month than I do in a year!

(R-Laurraine Tutihasi, faned — fan editor of Feline Mewsings — is too.)

clubzine — the name says it all… Newsletter for a club. It lists future events and meetings for a club, writeups on past events, reviews of books and movies, and possibly fiction by members.

My example I know well. I’ve written for it, helped to run a convention it started, and attended many meetings. Warp, the newsletter of MONSFFA — the Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

Recently an issue was a tribute to a friend who was very influential in many aspects of our SF/F community. who died due to COVID. This is a little off—point, but he deserves it.

What is a Hybrid Zine?

Feline Mewsings is one. It’s in both a zine in an APA (FAPA)and mailed separately. It has both mailing comments MCs and letters of comment (LoCs)

MCs and LoCs. Each Slightly Different

MCs are already in an APAzine, individually to the creators. LoCs are letters to the editor and talks with each other… er…

OK, other than LoCs having individual addresses they’re the same.

How Can I Find Some?

For fanzines I only find one, SF-related, aite:

The above-link is the history of zines, but some of them might exist still.

I found a list of APAs, but no mention whether they’re still existing, or contact information if they are.


APA versus zines doesn’t have a winner. A zine can be part of an APA, and an APA is a collection of zines.

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