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Should I Create One? Is Yes, One of These?

Jeffrey Allan Boman
2 min readOct 19, 2022


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One of the suggestions of ways to build up your following on Medium is to create a publication.

I’ve been considering one for some time, but I’m still stuck on one key piece: what will be its subject?

Writing? Hard pass. I’m already a contributor to both Writers Guild and the Writer Cooperative. They cover a lot of ground. Shaunta Grimes has The Write Brain covers the rest. There’s little left.

Other topics I’m considering:

What I Know

I’ve been a comicbook collector for more than 40 years. From my studies in University I’ve been an Animation guy (even wrote for a magazine for a late friend and brother too many years ago.

Comicbooks… thanks to Amazon, I may never get to read again.

As I’ve said in many posts, I’m into RPGs, both as a player and a DM/GM/CM (sometimes well,

or not

I’m also a writer for them.

I’ve also a fan of professional wrestling for over 4 decades. Before you say it’s not real, you’re too late. I’ve known that since day one. I’m just interested if they put these staged moves into something entertaining.

There are major considerations for all these things:

  1. Is there enough interest in these on Medium?
  2. If yes, enough interest to get others as editors?
  3. As writers?

Another possibility:

Flash Fiction (Themed)

Medium generally isn’t a fiction… uhm, medium — but look for flash fiction, you’ll find many. Perhaps, it’s time for a publication for them, based on a theme.

It could be based on a wide theme, like science fiction (here in Canada, we have two award-winning flash magazines, On-Spec and Neo-Opsis). Horror (Weird Tales)… or a narrower field, like Cyberpunk.

The same three questions apply.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them in the comments.

Jeffrey Allan Boman is a writer from Montreal, Canada (I only wear a toque in winter, don’t like hockey, don’t drink beer).

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