Saturday’s Harley Quinn

If You’re Looking For Homophobia, Go Away

Photo by Daniela Mota on Unsplash

It’s tough to find pictures of this character in the public domain. The character belongs to the DC Universe…

In this episode, Harley and Poison Ivy declare their love for each other, they kiss, then drive off into the sunset.

I saw video podcasting about the DCU that loved this story. I didn’t, for emotional and writing reasons:

1. The show played it for laughs. HaHa! They kissed out of the blue! HaHa! They blacked out at a party and had sex a few times!

Love isn’t a punchline. It’s not something to just play for laughs.

In the current DCU, they’re also an item, just as a part of who they are.

Love is love.

B. As a writer, I don’t like things forced on a character. This didn’t feel like an organic one.

Until the writers decided they’d be a couple, nothing foreshadowed it. Out of the blue, they had strong feelings, and Harley decided she was in love.

Early in my attempts to write full (before I wrote only fragments of scenes) in the 1990s, I would shoehorn situations on characters. No notion that these things could happen. They felt forced as a result.

This Harley / Ivy relationship feels shoehorned.

So, call me an armchair critic, but I see this as a fail.

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Jeffrey Allan Boman

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