Quebec The Last Province to End Mask Mandates

I Think It’s a Mistake

Jeffrey Allan Boman
2 min readMay 17, 2022
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Actually all of the lifting of the mandate. Quebec was the last to drop it. I’ll continue to wear mine, though. as I have a weaker immune system, I’m not taking a chance.

I know, many businesses have been hurting during this crisis. Many places had to let staff go, working on new business models… to stay afloat.

It’s an election year. Politicians need people to vote for them. Seems mail-in voting isn’t a thing here in Canada… I’m being facetious.

Removing mask mandates anywhere is a bad idea.


Is the pandemic over? No. There memory. There are new variants found every day. Each one is more transmissible than the last.

I’ve had all four shots, you say. I’m safe from Covid, you say.

Wrong. You can still get it, you likely won’t die.

Even though vaccination may have less chance of mortality, it can still have side effects. In my circle of friends and family one still doesn’t yet have back their senses of taste and smell, one lost their memory.

Maybe you’re asymptomatic. You can still transmit it to other people. That’s part of the whole transmissible thing.

There are many anti-markers and anti-vaccers out there. They are part of the reason why the pandemic isn’t over as they help the virus mutate.

This is why I can’t go outside without a mask (even in open-air): you’re still gambling on not getting Covid.

Is the pandemic over? No. here are new variants found every day. Each one is more transmissible than the last.

Politicians are gambling with our lives too.

Call me over-cautious, but I won’t take this gamble. Or theirs, lifting this mandate.

Neither should you. Or they.



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