Ninja Writing vs 10-Minute Novelist

Is One Better Than The Other? Let’s See

A ninja ( masked Japanese fighter, expert master of sneaky and cruel arts.
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A young man wearing glasses , seated at a tabie with a laptop computer on it. He’s deep in intrhouught.
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I’m a member of both of these… even have a membership card for Ninja Writers. Do I find either one better? Read on.

What is Ninja Writing?

Shaunta Grimes started this. It’s a technique for writers who find themselves too busy for regular writing (that’s a bit difficult for me to buy, but I don’t have work to weigh me down).

When you don’t get productive enough, it can lead to more feelings of doubt.

What do Ninja Writers do?

Writing for 5 minutes a day 5 minutes/day is not a large investment of time, it takes to brew a cup of coffee or tea (I’m a tea guy), and some writers who write/type fast may be surprised how much they can produce.

That’s just 1/2 of the daily tasks, however.

Reading for 5 minutes a day Again, not a huge investment of time.

A writer reads. You have to, no excuses. Reading recharges your creative batteries and lets you see how others produce.

I have three large bookcases full of books two rows deep, a smaller case full, and reader programs on my computer with hundreds more books. I have a LOT of things to read or reread

Ninja Writing follows a quote by late writer Ray Bradbury:

Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. (Ray Bradbury)

Ninja Writing has a Facebook group

and a website:

What is 10-Minute Novelllit?

As the name implies, writers do double the amount of time writing than Ninjas Writers.

They don’t seem to have a reading component, but they've won many awards. Safe to say they’re doing right.

They have a website:

And a Facebook group:

This group is active. Many members post a day.

So, is Either One Better?

No. Both make you more productive than you thought possible. Ninja Writers is better at reading, and 10-Minute Novelist is older and has a high volume of members.

They get BIC (But in Chair) to write, even when life is busy, so both balance out.

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