My Role Model: Isaac Asimov

from the Freedom from Religion Foundation site

I read a lot of SF, and I, Robot was one of the first I read. I am a fan of his writing — and the fact that he wrote over 500 — is impressive, but that’s not what makes him my role model.

On the writing side, it does… but I’m over 50, and if I make 5, I’ll be lucky.

The Beginning

From the age of 7, I lived in St. Sauveur. That’s in the Laurentians, the countryside near Montréal , Quebec… not of major importance to this story, save to give the geography.

My 3rd and 5th grade teacher Mrs. Hoey (RIP) had retired. She worked as a volunteer librarian at the library in my town.

She’d read Isis first autobiography (two volumes, In Memory Yet Green / In Joy Yet Felt). She felt they reminded her of me, and suggested I read them.


I did, and there WERE some similarities… at least with the first book. I’ve never been married (I was a teenager when I read them), I’ve never been a university professor, and wasn’t into the sciences (which is why I write science/urban fantasy).


He was intelligent at a young age. So was I (though I tapered off. I have a strong memory though).

As a kid he was creative. So am I (I wish I’d saved small fiction from my 7th and 8th grade).

He was a voracious reader. So am I. I have 3 large bookshelves and a smaller one, all full and most shelves two rows. I also have hundreds more in Kindle, epub, and Ibook readers.

Finally, another commonality!

He read in more fields than I have. For me, it was sf, fantasy, some men’s books (a style I don’t love), detective fiction, an espionage magazine that lasted a year, two westerns, and many RPG manuals. Far from the range of fields he did.

He was published a lot, I have 11 RPG products, many film reviews, and three articles… but he has a much larger publication record than I do.


There are many differences between us, but enough similarities to make him an influence.

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