Longer Than Some, But Still a Small Package

Relax, That Sounds Dirty, But The Contents Aren’t

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flash fiction

According to Wikipedia it’s pretty small.

Hmm… while non-fiction, my daily posts are usually close to a drapple in size… ah whom am I kidding closer to flash…

(Almost off-topic. I’ll fix that now.)

I wrote a similar piece a few years ago, with different sizes and an equally suggestive name:

1, 000 words. Lets me put that into perspective: for a book of stories with the characters in my novel (cheap pop! It’s my project for Camp NaNoWriMo). A short story goes up to 8, 500 words. I’ve done that. I have one story close to that, one around 4, 500… but 1, 000? still having character and plot development?

That’s a challenge… but one I’ll try!

I tried the minisaga (called dribble in that Wikipedia article). 50 words. I wasn’t good at it. My best friend is. He’s won contests for that.

I’ve even seen 6-word stories.

If people can make stories in so few words 1, 000 words is a novel.

I have an entire universe, the Boston Gumboverse (calling it the Chowderverse would be lazy writing). There are many characters and ideas and ideas that I could use, so I could use them totry.

I researched on Medium under a tag in search easy to find (flash fiction). I found a great article for advice:

(It isn’t working like others on Medium. You’ll have to copy the link, then paste it into your browser’s address bar.

h/t Natalie Frank, Ph.D.)

My attempts will first to my email list. Link at the end of this article, and get my first Gumboverse story as well.

(A cheap pop, then a sales pitch? I’m shameless

Another ‘notebook’ on Evernote.)

Jeffrey Allan Boman lives in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. (Yes, it gets brutally cold in winter, but it’s worse further north). He writes urban fantasy, science fiction, and action. Sometimes speaks of himself in the third person. A-hem!

Here on Medium, I write tips about writing, opinion, and the many thingc that interest me. To find more go here.



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Jeffrey Allan Boman

Jeffrey Allan Boman


Hi. I’m Jeffrey A. Boman. Determined writer. NaNoWriMo Ace (4 wins in a row) 2002–06. In it until 2011. Many RPG publications too