Good Move, Amazon!

Guess if I’m Sincere or Not…

Jeffrey Allan Boman
2 min readSep 11, 2022
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Yup. This is a good, old-fashioned RANT:

I’ve been a collector of comicbooks for over four decades. I’ve had letters published at four different companies, founded an APA and a newsletter for them, even got paid for a short story for one (the company went kaput, so you won’t read it).

Easy to say, it’s to say comicbooks are part of my identify.

Due to a lack of floor space and a lack of accessible stores, I’ve had to go digital. For most comicbooks, that meant going to Comixology. Owned by Amazon, they were a separate entity. They had a great screen reader, they had a deep selection.

Then Amazon took it over in full. It only uses their reader, and one other thing: they say they don’t have the rights to sell comicbooks in Canada. Rights that the old Comixology had. The rights that every comicbook store have since the 80s.

Seven months later they still don’t have the rights.

They’ve tossed an entire country under the bus.

Over 6–7 years I’ve paid several hundred on books. Others, thousand. If you’re Canadian, they’re gone.

Amazon will never even TRY to get the rights. How many digital magazine subscriptions on Amazon have not been available in Canada for years?

I’m pissed. I’m writing to every comicbook publisher I can, to tell them revenues from their northern neighbors is gone. Please do the same. One voice alone doesn’t carry enough weight.



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