Not The Rebecca Black Song

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This was supposed to be out yesterday. Being out of my control, it wasn’t.

I tried to get my big post ready for Wednesday (already late) — but I then the stats made me pause.

My post was related to comicbooks. According to the stats, readers of those posts tend…



Working All Day, But…

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This was supposed to be online, but other forces made it impossible. I’ll make some changes.

I’m still working on my next big post, but I’m not finished yet. I’ll shoot for Monday. I’ll add it to my Content Calendar to have one out every Monday too.

It’s looking like it will be my most media-rich post yet, with many images from Deep AI many links, and of course, article content. Sample my other pieces until then, check out my Archive.

Jeffrey Allan Boman is a writer from Montreal, Canada (I only wear a toque in winter, don’t like hockey, and don’t drink beer).

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Jeffrey Allan Boman

Hi. I’m Jeffrey A. Boman. Determined writer. NaNoWriMo Ace (4 wins in a row) 2002–06. In it until 2011. Many RPG publications too