Why I was gone — AGAIN — for so long

I was away for a week while the City bug-bombed the building. Where I was had no Internet access.

I’ll have a more substantial post soon (when I won’t say. Less disappointedreaders that way).

Meanwhile, feel free to check out more substantial posts in my archives.

Jeffrey Allan Boman is…



Always Tyops! (That One’s Deliberate. I’ll Explain…

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I looked at my last post here.

My red editing pencil left me wishing I’d made a fourth edit before I published! Some sentences I improved, I built a stronger ending — but there was something I thought I’d caught all of, but didn’t:


When I was a self-publisher; we had a name for them, coined by another self-pubber (where are you, Budgie? I miss you!):

Tyops. Now my subtitle makes sense!

Try as you might, no matter how much editing… one or two get thru.

Bet I even miss one now.

Jeffrey Allan Boman is a writer from Montreal, Canada (I only wear a toque in winter, don’t like hockey, don’t drink beer).

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So Why am I Still Late?

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I started using a Second Brain system to get myself organized (my next post will explain what that means). I make my daily To-do lists, I made a Content Calendar, I work on my novel…but the same 2 items — the ones for for updates here — I keep carrying over, because I miss them.

I’m fixing that now.



The Why-it-Happened Reason Stunned Me

My TV. Well, my connection to make it a second screen. Updates went to it, and it has no hard drive. The result?


Without my HDMI cable-and a setting change-I got all of my updates with no problems.

I’ll go back to eating my lead chips now…



I Noticed This After The Fact

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Yesterday I saw the date for my rant against Amazon.

September 11

It was a rant, so I chose an image of fire… on 9–11.

The day there’s a solemn vigil in New York City for the day that a terrorist attack killed more than three thousand people and destroyed the World Trade Center — and I posted flames.

I want to apologize to anyone I offended.




Jeffrey Allan Boman

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